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Nitron Industries is proud to introduce the “THE PAD” helmet pad, PASGT Kevlar® helmet impact liner for the Armed Forces. Conceived by, designed by and manufactured by Veterans for our Armed Forces and proudly made in the USA.

This protective shell pad provides a layer of closed cell, hypoallergenic Nitrolite™ foam that prevents abrasion from nylon webbing. It even makes your helmet feel good to wear!

Since the introduction of the PASGT Helmet 85% of soldiers asked, complain that the helmet’s weight, abrasive nylon webbing, make the helmet uncomfortable to wear. While other open cell foam pads are available, they do not provide abrasion resistance or enough cushioning. They also degrade quickly in outdoor conditions. With these problems in mind, several Veterans at Nitron Industries conceived of and designed the “THE PAD” helmet pad.



The “
THE PAD” is a single piece of 1/4” thick closed cell, hypoallergenic, Nitrolite™ that attaches to the inside top and back of the helmet with the existing “A” nut/screw.   

The “
THE PAD” is fully vented and will not support mold, fungus or bacterial growth.

The “
THE PAD” is easily cleaned, durable, and is UV and Ozone resistant.

THE PAD” is designed specifically for use with the PASGT Military issue Helmet and has been approved for Military use by Natick Labs.

A portion of all helmet pad proceeds will go to the families of soldiers currently serving in our Armed Forces.

“THE PAD” can also be used in Law Enforcement PASGT Kevlar® helmets

Retail Prices:

1/4”  thick Black Helmet pad $19.95 + $3.95 shipping and handling.

3/8”  thick Black Helmet pad $21.95 + $3.95 shipping and handling.

Special:  Buy 3 get shipping free!!!


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